Von: Margo A. Pair, Administrative Director, The Center for Nonviolent Communication, USA (2010-03-18)

Betreff: CNVC: New Certified Trainer, Beate Waltrup of Köln, Germany

Dear Friends,
It is my pleasure to announce that Beate Marlene Waltrup of Köln, Germany has successfully completed her assessment process and is joining the CNVC Certified Trainer community! Beate is interested in changing corporate culture in Germany through NVC.

I would like to send our gratitude to Edith Sauerbier, Rita Giemer-Schererz, Doris Schwab for their participation as Beate’s assessors, and to share some words about Beate from Edith:

„When I read her diary I was impressed how deep she is going into her own processes and how she can observe and appreciate her own development over the last few years. I like the exchanges with her because they are really inspiring and I can feel her longing to contribute to social change in the business world where she is working as a consultant. I am glad to know her as a colleague sharing the same passion.“

Please join me in celebrating the certification of Beate Marlene Waltrup.

With Warm Regards,

Margo A. Pair
Administrative Director
The Center for Nonviolent Communication
5600 San Francisco Rd NE, Suite A
Albuquerque, NM 87109, USA
Phone: +1 505-244-4041 Fax: +1 505-247-0414

Some Information about Beate:

I participate in two regional trainers‘ peer groups: exchange of experiences, reflection of methods, discussion of challenging situations.
Participation in yearly trainers‘ exchange workshops. Regular mutual exchange and support on methodical questions with a number of colleagues.

Basically, I teach by my own example. Mindfulness, appreciation, and humor for myself as well as others have been my personal guidelines for the last 20 years. Staying in touch with myself, my own feelings and needs, and acting authentically from my heart are the basis of my communicating with people. In opening up spaces for the other’s feelings and experiences, I try to be as patient and empathetic as I can.

My social change goals are: personal dignity, peacefulness, solidarity, protection of the earth and all forms of life.
In working for companies, I have been trying to bring about fundamental change of values in corporate culture according to the values stated above.

I consent to the vision, mission, and aims of the CNVC and I am willing to spread these values by my own example as well as my training, lectures, and coaching in companies and organizations.